GM Tech gloves are made in France and Eastern Europe by specialists who have been extensively trained in the specific skills required for this form of precision manufacturing. The raw materials used come almost exclusively from EU countries.

The high quality of our gloves is down to our rigorous manufacturing process: from the choice of carefully selected raw materials to the manifold manufacturing steps required to produce a high-performance, durable glove.


This step entails a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the use of innovative tools.

Each glove is designed using CAD software and is cut on digital machines based on traditional glove-making techniques. This cutting precision guarantees a perfect fit and constant dimensional stability throughout the life of the glove.


The cut leather pieces are assembled using special glove-making machines that sew the pieces together. These machines produce extremely fine seams for a comfortable fit and greater flexibility of the glove.


Our gloves go through two quality control steps:

  • Baguettage, which involves inserting a spreader into each of the five fingers of the glove to test the tightness and strength of the finger seams. o
  • Dressage, which is an essential step for shaping the glove and the final quality control step. A heated metal part, called a “hot hand”, is inserted into the glove to give it its final shape.


The last step in the manufacturing process is pairing, which involves putting the gloves together in pairs.


Enfin, nous effectuons toujours un dernier contrôle général des gants avant de les emballer soigneusement pour l’expédition.

We always perform a final general inspection of the gloves before carefully packaging them for shipment.

These steps, which we still carry out manually today, guarantee durable products that are perfectly cut to fit the hand as snugly as possible.