GM Tech’s roots date back to 1946 and Georges Morand, a glove-maker based in Saint-Junien in the Limousin region – the French capital of glove-making since the 11th century and a region renowned for its leather and hide work. The son of a master glove-maker himself, Georges Morand founded the family business to preserve the ancestral art of glove-making and create premium glove collections for the fashion and luxury markets.

The company also began to harness its expertise in fine leather work and the same meticulous attention to detail as for the fashion industry to launch a range of specialist gloves for the armed forces. GM Tech’s protective, tactical intervention and combat gloves allow for thorough searches, the use of touchscreens or a firm grip for precision shooting, all while protecting the wearer. The brand became a supplier to the French Army in the 1950s.

In the mid-1990s, Nathalie and Frédéric joined their father as the glove-maker looked to expand its sales abroad. A few years later and the demand for specialist gloves was so high that the company took the decision to put its fashion business on hold to focus on the specialist gloves market. GM Tech has been actively investing in research and innovation ever since, registering patents and continuing to design and manufacture gloves that combine ultra-fine technical materials with soft, tactile, resistant leathers to meet the changing needs of law enforcement and security force professionals .

Today, with over 70 years of experience and expertise through its collaborations with law enforcement agencies and security forces, GM Tech is a leading supplier of the French Army, Gendarmerie, police and customs authorities, as well as NATO and the biggest international civilian and military institutions.